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MASSARI - ( REGGAE SONG ) Say You Love Me 2008 NEW

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Country Boy Song-JOB (Tobago Reggae 2009)


Gnawa Reggae 2009...(Brya GnaWiiYa)
chuck fenda

Fenda's new album “The Living Fire” was just released and already is creating massive waves across the globe.

coming over
Baijie aiming for highest accolade

Baijie, whose real name is Dave Williams, says he used the stage name Major Cat because he sounded like Major Worries in the early stages of his career. After that, he got the name 'Baijie', meaning 'Bajan Man' when he would imitate the voices of people from other Caribbean islands.

That's Life

African Beat Records - Bad Boys 2009 Riddim

Single 1
Buju Banton - Girlfriend
Uwe Kaa - Wir leben laut

Single 2
Burro Banton - Nah drop di ting

Single 3
Tippa Irie - Bad boy
Marc Wonder & Conscious Fyah - Who a go run

Single 4
Perfect - 10 pound of ganja
Naptali - Fire burn

Single 5
FRANZISKA - Jah live
Skarra Mucci - Born for my people
Benjie - Wachtmeister
atau SINI

Ricardo Clarke - Penyanyi Reggae dari Bahamas

Album 2009 - UPRISING



1. Arise Intro
2. Not Settling
3. Let Of talk
4. No Minutes
5. Watching Me
6. Fire on Inside
7. Never Seen Interlude
8. Never Seen
9. Once I’m Zion
10. Street Life
11. Sound of Rain12. Missing You

13. We Come feat Monty G
sweet reaggae musik
lagu terbaru Tanya stephens

Heart Of Stone(2009)
salah satu album reggae bulan februari 2009,

Anthoney B - RISE UP 2009

1. Anthony B Rise Up
2. Anthony B Better Hafi Come (feat. Chezidek)
3. Anthony B Nothing But The Highest
4. Anthony B Iley, Iley, Iley Iley Selassie I
5. Anthony B Stop Fight Reggae
6. Anthony B Where Is The Black Man Rights?
7. Anthony B Enter The Kingdom Of Zion (feat. Horace Andy)
8. Anthony B On The Spot Herb Shop
9. Anthony B Rise Again
10. Anthony B The Place Too Red
11. Anthony B Give Thanks For Life
12. Anthony B Be Wise (feat. Lukie D)
13. Anthony B Jah Jah Only
14. Anthony B Weeping Willow

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lagi album februari 2009

NORRIS MAN - Know The Road

Label : Lustre Kings Productions

Track List :
1 Sign of the Times - Norris Man
2 Blessings is All Yours - Norris Man
3 Power of Love - Norris Man
4 Nah Pollute Your Faith - Norris Man (feat. Lutan Fyah)
5 Know the Road - Norris Man
6 Life Yuh LIfe Clean - Norris Man
7 When Your TIme is Up - Norris Man (feat. Pressure)
8 Thanks and Praises - Norris Man
9 We Try - Norris Man (feat. Ras Attitude)
10 No Boys Without Girls - Norris Man
11 Wish They Were There - Norris Man
12 King\'s Son - Norris Man
13 Got to Let You Know - Norris Man
14 just Can't Get Over You - Norris Man
15 When Babylon a Burn - Norris Man
16 Where the Wind Blows - Norris Man
17 King of King of Kings - Norris Man (feat. Jah Dan)
album nostalgia reggae 2009

SANCHEZ - Reggae Legends 2009

4 CD box set

1. Amazing Grace
2. It's Not Unusual
3. Rain From The Sky
4. Just When I Needed You Most
5. Some Guys Have All The Luck
6. Don't Be Cruel
7. Hurt
8. Paper Roses
9. Over You
10. Over You (Instrumental)
11. Love Is A Funny Feeling
12. Tell It Like It Is
13. Jah Promise
14. Bun Bun Bun (feat. Shaka Shamba)
15. Boom Boom Bye Bye
16. Rise To Meet Jah (feat. Flourgon)
17. Love Grows
18. Close To You
19. Now That You Are Here (feat. Flourgon)
20. Closer Than Friends
21. Don't Stay Away (feat. Marcia Griffiths)
22. Indefinate Loneliness
23. Groovy Situation (feat. Sweetie Irie)
24. I Shall Be Released
25. God A Come (feat. Macka cool.gif
26. Can We Talk
27. Searching (feat. Bounty Killer)
28. Take Your Time
29. Brown Eye Girl
30. Here I Am
31. In The Rain
32. Are You Still In Love With Me
33. One Of The Poorest People
34. Love Me Forever
35. I Want Her
36. Only Take A While
37. I Can't Stay Mad At You
38. Wild Sanchez
39. Teenager In Love
40. My Guy
41. Ebony Eyes
42. Muriel (April)
43. My Ebony Eyes
44. One In A Million
45. Everybody's Talking
46. All At Once

I Can't Wait (You Say You Love Me)

Freestyle reggae

stroy black conscious new vibes reggae 2009
"The Introduction" - album terbaru Cherine Anderson


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Cherine Anderson ft Chuck Fender - Coming Over Tonight
daweh congo

"Ghetto Skyline" is a widening of the concept of Daweh Congo. Without ever leaving reggae and the conscious vibe that has been his trademark, the influences range from blues to hiphop. Daweh sounds matured and confident. Songs are personal, carefully crafted and his delivery has reached a new level.

Ghetto Skyline
Richie Spice

1. Babylon Falling
2. Gideon Boot
3. Let's Go (feat. Gentleman)
4. Wrap Up A Draw
5. Getting Harder
6. World Crisis
7. Why
8. The World Is A Cycle
9. Make Up Your Mind
10. The Plane Land
11. Bad Lamp
12. Living In Love
13. Rise
14. Hang On
Label: VP
Tune/Titel: Gideon Boot
Format: LP

The Plane Land
Tanya Stephens


New song posted ROUND THE MOUNTAIN
Reggae / Roots Music / Reggae

HONESTY new music video ALL ALONE/belizean reggae artist
Irievibration Records present: "STILL ONE DROP"

"Austria´s Most High" Irievibration Records from Vienna will release their producers-album 2009-04-03 featuring many of todays top reggae artists.


01_Still One Drop
02_Sizzla – Africa Chant
03_Morgan Heritage – Live to the Fullest
04_Konshens – All About The Paper
05_Jah Mason – Don’t Deny Me
06_Tifa feat. Ward21 – Love Don’t Love Me
07_Sojah – So High
08_Anthony B – Throw It Pon Dem
09_Burro Banton – Run The Streets Red
10_Gyptian – Stepping Higher
11_Mishu Laika feat. Perfect – Rasta Lovin
12_Turbulence – Castaway
13_Perfect – 30 Pieces
14_Raf & Daddy Supa feat. Anthony B – Faux Croire
15_Ward 21 – No Love
16_Conscious Fiyah feat. Jahcoustix – Faith
17_Mojo Morgan – Red Light
18_Iriepathie feat. Anthony B & Perfect – Lively Up

Yah Meek

The new album reflects changes in YAH MEEK’s life as well as the changes we all go through. YAH MEEK leads the listener of "Things Change" through a journey of changes in human relationships, in spiritual ways and in love.

Things Change
Clinton Fearon

If you know reggae music, you know Clinton Basie Fearon. For over 18 years Fearon was a singer and bass player for the internationally renowned group, The Gladiators - but his talents as a musician do not stop there: Fearon is a top-notch song writer as well as an adept player and percussionist......... Clinton Fearon began his extensive musical journey in the early 70s as a vocalist and the bass player for The Gladiators......


Bitty McLean

1. Games
2. Got to let go
3. You're welcome, stop on by
4. So in love
5. Lost love
6. Try a little tenderness
7. Jahovia (feat. Johnny Osbourne)
8. Plead my cause
9. For you I won't cry
10. The Real Thing
11. Come to me
12. Daddy's home
13. One of a kind
14. Lately
15. All that I have
16. Let them talk

stat on market 27/4/2009
The Real Thing
Leo Bazico & Kaiambá Reggae
Reggae / Roots Music

Salvador, Bahia

Band Members: Léo Bazico, Fio Bahia, Gustavo Careca, Fabinho Brito e Toinho Santos

Sampel Musik

Sophia Brown

Title : The Spotlight
Artist : Sophia Brown
Label : Cell Block Studio Records / Tad's International
Format : CD / Digital Release
Date : June 6, 2009

Track list
1. Weak To You
2. Love You Pure
3. Thinking Of You
4. Spotlight
5. Fearless
6. Female Thing feat. Macka Diamond
7. Come Back Home
8. Hold Me Tight
9. Precious feat. Junior Kelly
10. Jerome
11. Give It Up
12. Step Back
13. No Love
14. I'm A Rose

Sophia Brown - Weak To You

Ras Penco

top dengan lagu Thousand Miles Away


Yg best real reggae .... JUNGLE - RAS PENCO

Natasja Saad - Reggae Dalam Kenangan

Judul Album: Shooting Star
track list:
1. Jamaica Too Nice
2. 45 Questions
3. Better Than Dem feat. Beenie Man
4. Calabria 2008
5. Mr. X
6. One Spliff A Day
7. One Night feat. Lexxus
8. Uuuh Wee feat. Mukupa
9. One Love feat. Little Hero
10. Real Love feat. Chappa Jan
11. Silence Before The Storm
12. Mysterious feat. Mukupa

On June 24th 2007, one of the brightest shining stars on the Danish music scene, Natasja Saad, also known as Lil T, Little T and Natasja, was only 32 when she died in a car accident outside of Spanish Town in Jamaica during a promotional trip. Her tragic death came just as her music was getting increased attention in Denmark and abroad, and during a time when her international career was flourishing thanks to her successful collaboration with Enur on "Calabria 2007", a hit in several countries that would eventually sell over half a million copies in North America.

Natasja Saad - one spliff a day


"Banduan di Babylon" adalah album pengenalan yang baik kepada ShakaRoot, satu kedatangan artis muda yang amat berbakat dari kepulauan Sardinia.

Prisoner In Babylon
Raymond Wright - Many As One

1. Better Place
2. Anyway
3. Lover Divine
4. Hand That Feed You
5. They Don`t Know
6. Gideon
7. King James
8. Sufferer
9. Many As One
10. First Choice Feat. Daddy Roach
11. Rasta
12. Wifey
13. Hey There Lady
14. Things
15. Carry On
16. Natty
17. Dreams Come True
18. Pay The Price Feat. Fitta Warrior


Raymond Wright used to be a preacher in Jamaica until the music changed his life completely. He started singing in Negril tourist hotels and then became Rasta and started to write his own songs. In 1998 he was signed by Beenie Man's label Shocking Vibes, recorded several singles and perfomed in some of Jamaica's bigger stages together with artists like Luciano, Anthony B, Sizzla and many more. In 2002 he performed at the Rototom Sunsplash in Italy and fell in love with Europe. In 2007 Raymond Wright and Pow Pow producer Ingo Rheinbay got together at the Pow Pow homebase in Cologne, the Petit Prince Club. Now and then Raymond took the mic at a session and showed his skills and talent to the Soundsystem Crew and the Massve in the club. In 2009 the 18-track full-length debut-album 'Many As One' is realised.

You could be from anywhere, any situation, rich, poor – it doesn’t matter; the song is directed at them. He speaks to you, the love songs too. That is what we are after. Not one side of the story, the whole thing, both sides of the coin. Just listen to ‘Born in Babylon.’” - SOJA

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I Dont Wanna Wait
Tarrus Riley

1. 1. Living the life of a gun Living the life of a gun
2. 2. I sight I Sight
3. 3. Love's contagious Love's Contagious
4. 4. H Uman nature (Michael Jackson tribute) H Uman Nature (Michael Jackson tribute)
5. 5. Soul hate Soul hate
6. 6. Superman Superman
7. 7. Young heart Young Heart
8. 8. Start a new Start a new
9. 9. S-craving S-craving
10. 10. Why so much wickedness Why so much wickedness
11. 11. Let peace reign feat. Let peace reign feat. Duane Stephenson & Etana Duane Stephenson & Etana
12. 12. Don't judge Do not judge
13. 13. King Selassie HIM King Selassie HIM
14. 14. Stop watch Stop watch
15. 15. Herbs promotion feat. Vybz Kartel & Demarco Herbs promotion feat. Vybz Kartel & Demarco
16. 16. Good girl gone bad feat. Good girl gone bad feat. Konshens Konshens
17. 17. Mankind Mankind
18. 18. It will come (a musician life story) It will come (a musician life story)

“I’ve been surrounded by music all my life. My father is a singer and my mother is a bathroom singer”, he explains with a chuckle. “Because I can’t change the world, I sing for the people - this is the contribution I can make and after I make a song; it isn’t even mine anymore; it belongs to the people.”

“I’ve always loved music; I used to deejay but everyone used to encourage me to sing. They used to call me “Singy Singy” ’cause I’m always singing,”

“I make thought-provoking music about Black consciousness and experiences. I want to open people’s minds and let them think. My music isn’t prejudiced towards colour, class, creed or nationality,” he explained passionately. “I target women and children with my music because slavery tampered with the woman’s mind and that’s why I wrote She’s Royal. She’s the head of the household so she has the power to influence the young men and women of tomorrow,”

Songs, such as “Start Anew” and “Good Girl Gone Bad” (featuring Konshens) from the album, are currently receiving tremendous airplay and ratings in the streets.

Good Girl Gone Bad
Lukie D

Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Love again
3. Rescue me
4. Hawai take me home
5. Missing you
6. Save me
7. No air feat. M'Lonie
8. Just as I am feat. L.U.S.T
9. How long
10. Young love
11. How will I know
12. Crying out
13. Your kingdom's falling
14. One cup a day
15. Interlude
16. Love in the club

Selama beberapa tahun berikutnya, Lukie D bakal menjadi salah satu penyanyi Dancehall paling popular dan akan muncul pada setiap saat riddims.

lagu irama cedok!!!!
Missing You Like Crazy- Lukie D
Barbee sizzles

Penyanyi, pencipta lagu dan model Barbee sizzles dengan seksi muncul single terbaru "Feels So Good," yang dihasilkan oleh Dean maestro Fraser pada irama baru untuk Godfather Barbee Productions.

Barbee status sebagai seksi, berkelas biduanita dengan kemampuan untuk paksi yg menggetarkan jiwa R & B dengan irama klasik-a-dub dan dancehall reggae - penghormatan sejati kepada Amerika hibrida -Jamaica warisan.

"Feels So Good" ini dihasilkan oleh Dean Fraser, yang produksi dan kehadirannya pasti membuat impak positif pada penghibur.


satu lagu dari album terdahulu barbee,
Signal Sibuk (BUSY SIGNAL)

Meletup pantas sekali dengan lagu terbaru "KAU TAK PERNAH TAHU" keluaran Silver Plate Riddim. Signal Sibuk tidak pernah mengecewakan peminat reggae dan bakatnya sentiasa kreatif untuk melebihi yang lain dan ia menjadi terkenal di seluruh dunia untuk TOPest!!!

Lagu ini dijangka bakal menjadi TOP sepuluh reggae.

Busy Signal-You Never Knew
Reggae Roundup 2009

Morgan Heritage

Merupakan salah satu band penting dalam generasi baru band-band reggae.

Live To The Fullest


Merupakan salah satu band terkemuka reggae Amerika.

Tarrus Riley

Vokalis terhebat Jamaika
sebuah lagu versi reggae sebagai penutup tirai koleksi reggae 2009.


Penyanyi Romania. Nama aslinya adalah Stefan Mihalache

Burning Love

You're the one desire, but your love is burning like fire

I need some water, 'cause I'm gettin' so dry
Your love is burnin' like the sun in July
When you put your arms around me you raise the temperature high
'Cause your love is burnin' like the sun in July

Burning, just like the sun glowing
Shining, just like the love we have
Let me feel it, I wanna touch your skin, yeah
Let me kiss it, I wanna taste the sin

Let me be what I need to be,
'Cause when the sun is shining you look so sexy, yeah
I wanna touch ya pon di face pon di whole body
But your skin is burnin' like the sun, baby

Connect-R - Burning Love [Original Reggae Version]
Upcoming reggae 2010

Seedless bakal menjual album baru mereka pada bulan Februari 2010. Album berirama twisted reggae

preview dengar

Download sebuah lagu bocor sebelum jual:
Harmony-Tanpa Biji
irama reggae rock

Pacific Dub

FIRE EYE - album kedua selepas 5 bulan daripada album pertama dikeluarkan. KREATIF & ORIGINAL SOUND!

Track Listing:
1.) Sundown
2.) Utica
3.) Pacific Dub
4.) Soar
5.) Foolin Around
6.) Set Me Free
7.) Jumpship
8.) Young Girl
9.) Fire Eye (Feat. Toko Tasi & Doug Means)
10.) Til The End

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Smile (from Ky-mani Marley's Upcoming Release)

sampel lagu
album MARCH 2010

IRATION - Time Bomb

Sampel Untuk Dengo

lagi reggae untuk 2010

Stick Figure

telah kembali lagi dengan album yang ketiga, album "Smoke Stack." Ditulis, dirakam dan dihasilkan sendiri oleh Scott Woodruff, album ini benar-benar memaparkan perkembangan muzik Stick Figure.

"Smoke Stack" - Pemberian terbaru Stick Figure akan imaginatif 14 batang rokok pengalir tenaga penjanaan pemikiran gaya reggae alaf 2010. Album ini merupakan satu keharusan bagi semua penggemar reggae.

Jom Dengo Lagu
Bahagian Satu Tribe

Bahagian Satu Tribe adalah band berdedikasi tinggi yang memainkan "All Original" Alternative, Reggae, Rock dan Blues muzik.

Part One Tribe - Obvious As Ever
1. feat. Zman
2. Dont Have a Fit
3. Nobodys Fool
4. Perpetrator
5. Make Your Move
6. My Missy
7. More Than You Need
8. Trendy
9. Relax
10. Jamaica
11. Sweet Relief
12. Wise Enough
13. Untouchable (feat. Gen. Smiley)
14. Your Life
15. Set Him Off

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Sober Down

Album mereka dengan judul 'TEKANAN' da.gif

album mereka yang telah ditunggu setelah sekian lama tergendala.

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kalo nak simpan sampel,


Jet West

Asalnya hanya bermain musik untuk keluarga, kawan2 dan penggemar mendengar sahaja. Jet west memiliki apa yang anda cari... Suara yang membuat anda ingin menyalakan rokok, menikmati irama sepanjang perjalanan jauh anda, bercinta, drop-down gelombang overhead - melepas GERAM!!! (Sting musik)

sila dengar:
Sebuah lagu terbaru unreleased daripada soja.

>>SOJA "You And Me" - new unreleased music video in HD<<
Melodramatic Popular Song

Sebuah lagu lama Earl Daley yg berjudul "Changing World" untuk dikongsi dengar. Earl Daley merupakan seorang penyanyi yang telah menjadi sebahagian daripada landskap reggae antarabangsa selama tiga dekad.

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Nikmati kelainan irama reggae - SOHAM7, menawarkan irama 'TULUS REGGAE'. Soham menarik kuasa dalam hubungan manusia, tetapi juga dalam fikiran peribadi setiap orang yang meminta! Sebuah suara yang menenangkan pada teks (Bahasa Peranchis) dialun berirama reggae setia serbaguna. Soham meneruskan perjalanan dan berharap untuk melewati rumah anda dengan cepat~!!!! cv.gif

Jom mendengo khasnya lagu yang berjudul "COURIR"

Dancehall - merupakan satu genre musik yang terhasil daripada Musik Popular Jamaika (reggae) yang dibangunkan pada 1970 an. Era digital mula menular dalam penghasilan irama dancehall pada 1980 an yang dikenali dengan istilah RAGGA bercirikan dengan ritma yang lebih cepat dengan sedikit kompilasi irama reggae dulu2.

Populariti dancehall telah melahirkan gerakan tarian yang membantu anda membuat pesta-pesta dan pertunjukan panggung lebih energik.

Jom tengok sampel!!!

a. Conkarah - Run Away
b. Mr Vegas - Let Them Talk

Jah Cure kembali dengan 'SMASH' terbaru lagu Cinta Tanpa Syarat meletupkan yang sangat cepat di seluruh dunia. Beliau keluar penjara pada tahun 2009 dan sekarang sedang berusaha untuk mendapatkan fokus pada musiknya dan membawa kita hits seperti ini.


Cinta Tanpa Syarat

Anda tidak pernah melihatnya datang
dan hal berikutnya yang anda tahu
cinta bersyarat
cinta bersyarat
dia tidak mencarimu kerana tidak ada berlian
dan menggali tanpa emas
hanya seseorang untuk mencintai
cinta bersyarat

Pertama Januari
bilang kau startin atas
hati anda berada dalam pengampunan
makin awal yang baru
dan telah enam bulan sejak anda harus sedar
mengambil kedudukan baru
untuk membuat keputusan lain

Kemudian anda kepala ke sudut kedai
dan melupakan apa yang kamu pergi untuk
akan selepas ia mengatakan halo .. hello… hello halo ... halo

Anda tidak pernah melihatnya datang maka hal berikutnya yang anda tahu cinta tanpa syarat
cinta bersyarat
dia tidak mencarimu kerana tidak ada berlian
dan menggali tanpa emas
hanya seseorang untuk mencintai
cinta bersyarat

Anda tidak pernah melihatnya datang
dan hal berikutnya yang anda tahu
cinta bersyarat
cinta bersyarat
dia tidak mencari tidak ada berlian
dan menggali tanpa emas
hanya seseorang untuk mencintai
cinta bersyarat

Empat belas Februari
punya bahu sejuk
daripada seseorang yang begitu tak terduga
Anda meninggalkan hati anda tanpa perlindungan
maka anda menggigit mangkuk porcelain
mendapatkannya seperti seorang askar
orang akan menelefon telefon anda
Anda bertindak seperti nobodyâ € ™ s rumah

Dan aku pergi ke kedai runcit
dan aku lupa apa yang saya pergi untuk
akan selepas anda menyapa

Aku tidak pernah melihatnya datang
dan hal berikutnya yang aku tahu
cinta bersyarat
cinta bersyarat

Aku tidak mencari tidak ada berlian
dan menggali tanpa emas
hanya seseorang untuk mencintai
cinta bersyarat

Anda tidak pernah melihatnya datang
dan hal berikutnya yang anda tahu
cinta bersyarat
cinta bersyarat

Aku tidak mencari tidak ada berlian
dan menggali tanpa emas
hanya seseorang untuk mencintai
cinta bersyarat

>>Cinta Tanpa Syarat<<

>>download lagu CINTA TANPA SYARAT<<

Muncul dengan lagu terbaru "TO ALL MY PEOPLE". Terbit pada 9 April 2010!

Cornadoor merupakan
seorang penyanyi reggae muda Bielefeld / Jerman. "Reggae ini selalu di sekitar saya"

Pengalaman pengembaraan semasa kecil bersama keluarga ke Jamaika, Trinidad, Tobago dan Kepulauan Karibian, dimanifestasikan minatnya untuk musik. Semua jejak dan pengalaman telah menjadikan sumber inspirasi bagi lagu-lagunya dan musik hingga ke hari ni.

>>selamat mendengar<<
Original Root Reggae - Barrington Levy

Irama yang dihasil secara dub usaha kerjasama Not Easy At All Productions dan Jah Solid Rock dengan satu matlamat iaitu membina satu katalog "Original Solid Reggae". Merupakan irama yang disokong nada bass serba lambat, beserta suara era reggae 70an awal 80an.

Riddim rootikal gaya halus - dengar je ya.... jgn sampai nak turut main asap kapal!!!!! rolleye0012.gif

satu sampel lagu,
>>Barrington Levy ft. U Brown<<
Ini ialah versi "lo-fi" kepada versi utama. Untuk paparkan versi penuh dengan lebih informasi, format dan imej, sila klik disini.
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