Do you all know what is Naza GTR 150s?It is not an automotive tool : ) PhotobucketIt is a scooter that looks like a superbike..The design of the body part are so attractive to me..hoho..How i wish i can have this scooter right now..Absolutely i will go to chill out till night with my friends.. haha .. It will save my time for taking bus..Im so tired maaaaa to walk everytime i comeback from college to my residency..If i have this GTR 150s i can move faster..haha..Then everyone will look at me like im riding a superbike….Actually it’s just a scooter..wohoo..Then all the granny will kissing look at me also..hua3..Im planning to buy this ‘GUY’ around this year and maybe before raya..heeeeeee…Im still find some way to get money online so that i can buy this Naza GTR 150s very soon