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Versi Penuh: Susan Boyle
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Setiap orang mesti tonton klip video ni....


Ms. Boyle, who says in the video that shes never been married, never been kissed and lives with her cat Pebbles, went on stage to skeptical looks from the audience and judges. She then sang I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misrables to wild applause and even charmed American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

Bintang Dari Kampung
yg paling kelako .... tengok nombo siri peserta tu... dia tepek je kat dada masa kontes....
sekelip mata saja trus jadi popular.... kebanyakan kilp video dia kat youtube mencapai ratusan juta views! Rasanya kalo hari ni juga jual album baru, gerenti boleh jadi bilionair terpantas...

Susan Boyle Video 'May Be Top YouTube Hit' - Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent could soon become the most-viewed YouTube video of all time.

Web videos of her moving rendition of I Dreamed A Dream have been viewed 100m times, statisticians believe.

Miss Boyle's voice stunned the judges on the ITV1 talent contest and propelled her to fame.

She could soon match the hits achieved by Evolution Of Dance from comedian Judson Laipply, which has been viewed more than 118m times since 2006.

The unassuming 47-year-old Scot has eclipsed viewing figures for Barack Obama's historic victory speech, which has received 18.5m hits.

In just one week, she has also beaten the video of George W. Bush ducking a shoe in Iraq, viewed 33.2m times.

Miss Boyle's appearances on US TV shows have further increased the momentum.

Web stats firm Visible Measures calculated 200 videos of Miss Boyle's song had been viewed nearly 50m times by Friday.

This figure then doubled over the weekend.

Mashable blogger Adam Ostrow argues her success says as much about social media sites as Miss Boyle herself.

"While Boyle's performance has a lot of natural appeal, the conditions have never been riper for a video to go so incredibly viral.

"Between Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites - not to mention mainstream media - the performance has been impossible to miss this week," he wrote. -

Maybe hidup dia hanya dengan kucing dia
So tu pasal dia ada masa untuk practice nyanyi tongue.gif
orang britis, tadak keje tak pa.... kerajaan ada! duit boleh dapat juga! Dah tak de keje, banyak la masa maiz nyayi2...kira memang ong la dia terkali ni...

"Susan is a real human being and a great talent in a difficult role, bring humility and a sense of freedom to all who come after her. She will not be straightjacketed by the Media."
Kat sana kalo x kerja government bg duit
Tp kerajaan diaorang kan kaya smile.gif
Menurut surat khabar hari ni
Susan Boyle dapat Naib Juara jer...
Tp karier seninya maybe akan berkembang
berita lagi.... dia masuk hospital la....akibat semput! ke dah kena SAWAN nih!!!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown wished the star well. "I hope Susan Boyle is okay because she is a really, really nice person," he told GMTV. BBC NEWS

Maybe penat menyanyi kot
Tu yang semput sampai masuk hospital
♦محمد أفيق♦
semalam baru tgk kat utube..sedap suara dia..
hari ni dah masuk wad plak...

„... „„
„ GO SUSAN „ copy and paste
„"" BOYLE !!!!! „. if you think
„„„„, Susan is the best
GO SUSAN copy and paste
"" BOYLE !!!!! . if you think
, Susan is the best

Cinta pandang pertama ke Muhammad Afiq
♦محمد أفيق♦
amik kat utube...bukan sendiri punya
,,`, Susan Boyle ,,`,
.`-> Susan Boyle <-`.
,,`, Susan Boyle ,,`,

"(*)(_.` Susan Boyle `._)(*)"

-(`v)- Susan Boyle -(`v)-

hantam saja la labu.....
♦محمد أفيق♦
ini lagi fanatik...caya la...
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